The Drawbacks of Free Online Dating Sites.  The social pressures of finding a partner make many people so desperate in their own search to find love, that they turn to free online dating sites such as Plentyoffish, singlesnet, and okcupid without knowing what they're really getting into. These sites are hardly fool-proof. You're actually putting yourself at risk in several different ways when joining these types of sites. Because of the lack of security, anyone can join these free online dating sites. Sometimes it's just minor misconceptions with photos and profile information, but other times, it's much more serious. A lot of these free online dating sites are saturated with men and women alike, looking for easy lays, not meaningful relationships like the site claims. Even if they are looking for a lasting relationship, it can be very difficult to establish a connection with another member when they have hundreds of messages flooding their inboxes from other members every single day. Making a personal connection is simply out of the question. Pictures can be very deceiving, especially on free online dating sites. Many people who use these free services are using pictures that are old or no longer represent the person they are today. It's not even guaranteed to be a picture of themselves, you just never know since nobody is verifying personal profile information. Identity theft is also a major issue associated with utilizing these free online dating sites. There are hackers that frequent these sites, gathering any personal data they can, including email addresses, home addresses, and last names. You'd be surprised what they are capable of doing with your personal information. People don't realize how much they're putting themselves at risk by joining one of the free online dating sites. By filling out your personal profile, hackers and scammers can track down your credit cards, social security number, and social insurance numbers. And, that is a pretty terrifying thought. Then, we have the romance scammers. They know that users on these sites are often so desperate in their search to find love, that they likely have their guard down. These scammers make you fall for their falsified persona, making you believe that you've finally found your soulmate. They only have one thing in mind, and that's access to your wallet and bank account. They are often overseas using internet cafes as their headquarters where they fish for hours a day to find vulernerable prey. They may even gain your trust by sending you gifts paid for with other stolen credit cards. There is an array of different scams they have been known to run. Why would anyone take any chances of using these unsafe free online dating sites. There are much better options to finding a match. Avoid these sites at all costs.

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